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Criminal Defense

Decisive Criminal Defense Attorneys Answer: What Is Our “Emergency Defense Package” (EDP)?

When your liberty and reputation are at stake, every second preparing a comprehensive defense strategy will count. Years of experience have helped us to develop an “Emergency Defense Package (EDP)” for each new client. The goal of the EDP is to immediately start taking control over the case and to educate you about your options. The EDP addresses your most pressing questions (e.g. Will I go to prison? Should I go to trial? Should I plead guilty? Is it safe to use my phone? What happens next in my case?). You can expect a relief of much of the stress you and your loved ones encounter.

  • Instant Free Consultation
  • Immediate Knowledgeable Case Analysis
  • Sophisticated Answers to Your Questions
  • Immediate Action Plan
  • No Paralegals, no Junior Lawyers
  • 24/7 Access to Senior Lawyers
  • Family Member Support

Whether you were just arrested, are innocently accused of a crime or whether you are facing trial and sentencing — from the moment you call us you will notice that we treat your problem as our own. You will not waste your time with paralegals or junior lawyers. You have real concerns, and we have real solutions. The moment you call us, you will talk to actual lawyers. If you find us a good match, we immediately activate our EDP and start turning your case around. Call now; the initial consultation is free.

How Do You Know That Your Case Is Federal?

Put simply, you will be charged with a federal crime if you violate federal law. The attorneys in charge of federal criminal cases are federal prosecutors, who are called Assistant United States Attorneys (AUSA) and who work for the U.S. Attorney’s Office. Federal agents of the FBI, the DEA, ICE, or the Department of Homeland Security assist the U.S. Attorney’s Office in investigating and prosecuting federal offenses. If you are contacted by a federal agency or if you receive a target letter, an indictment, or simply a request to appear from these agencies—your case is federal.

Is Punishment More Severe Under Federal Law?

It is often said that penalties under federal law are more severe, and for the most part that stands true. For example, under federal law there is no parole, while most state laws routinely release sentenced prisoners long before their actual sentence is over. Also, many federal crimes contain minimum prison sentences of 10 years and more. Life in prison, which is a rare punishment under state law and primarily reserved for murder cases, is imposed even for non-violent crimes such as drug trafficking, sex abuse, and certain fraud cases within the federal judiciary system.

At What Point Should You Hire an Attorney?

Clients call us for help in different stages of their case. Some new clients just discovered that they are targets of an investigation, whereas other new clients are about to face trial or sentencing and want to switch to the defense lawyers of our Firm. Regardless of the stage your case is in, our experienced Federal defense lawyers know how to effectively address your concerns without wasting time. But keep in mind: while it is never too late to hire experienced criminal defense counsel, there is also no reward for hesitation in the federal criminal system.

Which Federal Crimes Do We Handle?

While the list of federal offenses is long, the following five crime categories represent some of the most prosecuted federal crimes in the United States.

Drug Charges & Conspiracy

Drug trafficking and conspiracy are the most frequently prosecuted federal crimes. While drug offenses are also prosecuted under state law, federal law often comes into play when alleged activities were committed across state lines or involved the manufacturing of drugs.

Fraud, Money Laundering & Counterfeiting

Among the most serious federal fraud charges are Mail Fraud, Wire Fraud, Mortgage Fraud, Bank Fraud, and Medicare Fraud. Because all of these offenses are considered felonies, it is important to quickly and aggressively build a defense to show that the alleged conduct was not done willfully but was simply an innocent human error.

If you are associated with Money Laundering, you have no time to lose. You must act fast. Hire the defense team that will represent your interest zealously before the government has its case prepared.

Human Trafficking


  • A Wisconsin man pleaded guilty to his role in a human trafficking and forced labor scheme. According to plea documents, the man who recruit young girls to be dances at his club under false promises of money and a better life. Once the girls started working for the man, he threatened them with death and physical abuse if they did not do as he wanted. The man would sell the girls for sex and forced them to live in his house, so he could have continued control over them. As a result of his guilty plea, the man was sentenced to 21 years in prison.
  • A federal jury in Maryland convicted two men of trafficking three underage girls in multiple cities on the East coast. According to evidence presented at trial, the men posted job advertisements online aimed at teenage girls. Once the girls showed up for work, the men threatened to kill their families if they did not engage in commercial sex acts. The men would take the girls to hotels in various cities and collect money from commercial sex customers to whom the girls were sold for the night. The two men were convicted of conspiracy to commit sex trafficking of minors.
  • A man in Massachusetts pleaded guilty for his role in a human trafficking scheme. According to plea documents, the man would recruit women who were addicted to heroin and use their addiction to his advantage. The man would supply the women with heroin in exchange for selling them for commercial sex acts. The man exploited the women’s’ addictions by providing them with enough heroin to fuel their addictions, but just enough to keep them on the brink of withdrawal. The plea agreement states that if a woman wanted to leave the man’s trafficking ring, the man would threaten the woman with violence and also threaten to turn her into the police for drug possession. The man pleaded guilty to two counts of sex trafficking by coercion.
  • An Oregon man has pleaded guilty for his role in a scheme involving human trafficking by forced labor. According to plea documents, the man obtained fraudulent visas in order to bring Thai women to the United States, where he promised these women well-paying jobs at a restaurant he owned. Once the Thai women arrived in the United States, they were forced to work twelve- hour days, seven days a week for no pay. The man would threaten the women that if they reported him to authorities, he would harm them and withhold food and other necessities. As part of the man’s plea agreement, he will have to pay the women a combined total of $130,000 for their unpaid labor.
  • A couple in Texas has been indicted for their role in a scheme involving human trafficking by forced labor. According to the indictment, the couple arranged for a 10-year-old girl from Africa to come live with them through an educational sponsorship. The indictment alleges the couple instead forced the girl to work in their home for no pay. The couple allegedly did not let the girl leave their home and she was physically abused if she tried to escape. The couple was charged with forced labor and faces a maximum of 20 years in prison.
  • Two men in Maine were indicted on charges of human trafficking by fraud and coercion for their alleged participation in a prostitution enterprise. According to the indictment, the men would recruit Chinese women on the East coast under the guise of job opportunities. The women, however, were forced to engage in commercial sex acts and were physically abused if they tried to leave the two men. The men allegedly would isolate the women and keep them in locked rooms, so they could not escape. Both of the men face a possibility of life in prison if convicted.
  • A federal jury in Alabama convicted a man of human trafficking a minor following a four-day According to evidence presented at trial, the man kidnapped a minor girl and would force her to engage in commercial sex acts in various cities in Alabama. Evidence further showed the man would use the money he made by prostituting the girl to buy narcotics. As a result of his conviction, the man was sentenced to spend 220 months in prison.
  • A man in Ohio pleaded guilty for his role in a scheme involving human trafficking by forced labor. According to the plea agreement, the man illegally brought minor Guatemalan girls and boys into the United States in order to sell them to various farms in Ohio. The minors were forced to work on the farms for no pay and were kept in locked houses on farm property, so they could not escape. The man admitted to receiving over $6 million over the course of the scheme for the sale of the minor workers. The man faces up to 10 years in prison as a result of his conviction.
  • A man in Virginia pleaded guilty for his role in a scheme involving trafficking a minor girl for commercial sex acts. According to the plea agreement, the man recruited a 15-year-old girl in need of money and exploited her for his own personal gain. The man admitted to taking the girl to various motel rooms around Virginia and would collect money from the men who used the girl for sex. The man pleaded guilty to sex trafficking of a minor and conspiracy to engage in sex trafficking of a minor. Based on his conviction, the man was sentenced to 186 months in prison.
  • The man who operated the largest online forum for underage sex trafficking has been indicted for his role in human trafficking minor children. According to the indictment, the man operated an online site that reached numerous countries where individuals could access to purchase underage girls and boys for commercial sex acts. The online forum only operated on the dark web in an attempt to conceal its operation from federal authorities. Since the man’s indictment, the forum has been shut down. The man has been indicted on 93 counts and faces a maximum of life in prison if convicted.

Sex Crimes

When your good reputation suffers from heinous sex crime allegations, you should contact defense attorneys that can handle delicate situations. We represent clients accused of rape, aggravated assault, molestation, Internet and child pornography to make sure your innocence is proven and your reputation restored.


To some, the dream of living in the United States begins with facing border patrol officers and federal prosecutors. If you enter illegally or commit crimes on U.S. soil as a foreign national, you may face severe federal charges and/or deportation proceedings. Call us today so that your dream of living in the United States as a free citizen becomes reality.

Computer Crimes

Internet and computer crimes have become a focus of federal law enforcement investigations in recent years. Whether alleged online sex offenses, drug trafficking over the Internet, hacking, or online harassment and copyright violations — cybercrimes are severely punished with often more than five years minimum prison sentence.

Contact Oberheiden, P.C. online today.

What Makes Our Firm Different: We Only Handle Federal Cases

If you are facing federal charges and your freedom is at risk, you want someone with experience and knowledge to get your case dismissed. In fact, you want someone that does nothing but federal cases, someone that knows the federal system like no other to find the loopholes to get your case dismissed. Compare us to other firms and you will find that, with few exceptions, our firm is different because it only handles federal criminal cases. Doing so gives us the advantage of knowing all about federal cases—and how to dismiss them. Benefit from our experience and reputation. Experienced criminal defense attorneys and a former federal prosecutor are waiting for your free consultation.

Success Stories of Our “Federal Defense Group (FDG)”

The Oberheiden, P.C. limits its criminal practice to defend clients in federal matters.

Recent Success Stories Include:

  • Exposure to 45 years in federal prison (Drug Charges)
    Result: no charges.
  • Exposure to 20-30 years in federal prison (Sex Crimes)
    Result: 2 years (expected)
  • Arrest and threat of deportation (Immigration Crime)
    Result: no charges.
  • Investigation by Department of Defense (Fraud)
    Result: no charges.
  • Investigation by Department of Justice (Medicare Fraud)
    Result: no charges.

Why Do Clients Trust Oberheiden, P.C.?

Oberheiden, P.C. has built its reputation on serving as an effective resource for clients facing federal investigations and prosecutions. Here are a few of the reasons why our clients routinely place so much trust in us.

1. Our Experience

Practicing at the federal level is very different from practicing at the state level, and our lawyers enjoy decades of combined experience practicing federal law. If your company needs assistance winding its way through the maze of federal regulations, we can help you avoid a federal investigation in the first place. If an investigation has already commenced, our experience can make a decisive difference in the fight to ensure that you face as few negative consequences as possible.

2. Our Perspective

Several of our attorneys enjoyed distinguished careers as federal prosecutors with the Department of Justice before they turned in their badges and came to work for us. Our firm’s experience playing both sides of the chessboard has endowed us with a superior insight into how the federal government approaches investigations and prosecutions. This insight is truly valuable, and can have a decisive effect on the outcome of your case.

3. Our Results

Federal investigations can be downright frightening because of what could happen – millions of dollars in fines, corporate bankruptcy, and even incarceration. These consequences are not inevitable if you assemble an effective legal team early in the process. Many of our clients have faced no civil or criminal liability once their investigation concluded, and others have seen their ultimate liability drastically reduced.

4. Our Team Approach

The federal government acts deliberately and methodically to form a team of investigators, federal agents, and prosecutors to your case. To fight back, you need a team of your own with the proven ability to work cohesively under pressure. At Oberheiden, P.C., our attorneys are adept at combining their knowledge and experience in a way that maximizes their effectiveness – and provides you with the strongest possible defense.

5. Our Dedication to Our Clients

One of the most important qualities of an effective defense team is also one of the most intangible – attitude. At Oberheiden, P.C., we are passionate about protecting the interests of our clients, just as if it were our own interests we were protecting. Nobody messes with our clients.

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